An adventure set in the fledgling world of Corwynn. It begins in the region known as the Mithral Coast, a land known for its hardy people and the rich deposits of Mithral in the mountain ranges to the north. Surrounded by the untamed wilds of Stoneburn Forest to the east and the dangerous waters of the Sahuagin Sea to the west its inhabitants are no stranger to the perils of Corwynn.

The ruins of Thogirn, a once mighty Dwarven stronghold, lie to the north. Directly south is the trader town of Whurgen’s Run, which lies at the intersection of the northern road and the east-west trade route which runs from the port city of Rockdale to Renin Falls in the center of the continent.

The last stop out of the region is the frontier city of Halenshire which exists at the edge of the Stoneburn Forest along the east-west trade route.

The Ruins of Thogirn

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